“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

This quote resonates with me and has for some time. For many years I searched for my purpose and found that my purpose is serving people, serving the colleagues that I work with as well as serving people with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities. I have had the honor of being able to do this in many different capacities throughout my career. My work and personal life intersect in a way that allows me to take what I learn at work and apply in my daily life and vice versa. I get to make a living and a life at the same time.

I have recently joined a fantastic organization by the name of Bridges as the Vice President of the Mountain West Region. We provide services in six states and I provide oversight for the services in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. I chose Bridges and Bridges chose me because our mission for helping people run parallel. When choosing an opportunity, I go back to the quote above because I don’t want my work to seem like work, I want it to be a part of my life as well as something that I enjoy.

When choosing Bridges I asked myself these 3 questions.

  1. Will you enjoy what you do?
  2. Will the people you work with respect you and what you bring to the table?
  3. Did they treat you with respect during the interview process?

The answer to all three of these questions was obviously yes. Although, I have only been with Bridges for a short period of time, I feel as if I have been here for many years. That is a great thing. The team has welcomed me with open arms and has been so helpful during my transition. I believe that I have immediately built some great and trusting relationships.

As the Vice President of the Mountain West Region, I get to collaborate with a fantastic team of passionate leaders and staff working towards the same mission. In our discussions around our goals, we have kept it simple and it basically boils down to serving as many people with disabilities as we can and serving them with the highest level of quality. We plan on growing our services in such an organic way as to not jeopardize the quality of service that we are providing and to continue to stand on the roots for providing services that Bridges was built on.

James Greer, Vice President of our Mountain West Division.